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The pictures I took myself,Even though it's an image I've produced,It's been searched on the web, and over time, I'll check again.You're missing the image.The text is based on my story.Exposed on the website and missing from the viewYou'll find the phenomena.Which site and how it will be provided with a linkDo not use a […]

The pictures I took myself,

Even though it's an image I've produced,

It's been searched on the web, and over time, I'll check again.

You're missing the image.

The text is based on my story.

Exposed on the website and missing from the view

You'll find the phenomena.

Which site and how it will be provided with a link

Do not use a low-level directory registration service

I wonder if you're posting a comment link to a unrelated blog.

Do not use a link autogenerator

I don't know if you're using a random no-follow link.

Maybe we're using an overseas site that's not big enough.

I think I need to check my back carefully.

Neither SEO deployment nor backlink work is short-term.

I think we need to watch it longer and more carefully.

Start-ups or small business owners tend to play multiple roles.

It is necessary to have various knowledge.

Don't lose your blood. Don't be fooled.

I think it would be necessary for me to approach him with some knowledge.

I know it's unfair for you, but. . .

I don't have a blog like that.

Checked by Naver Spam Filtering

It can be different from bad documents and good standards.

for profit or advertising or commercial purposes.

I'm gonna say no, but. . .

It's filtered out of spam filtering.

The same kind of blog still exists, but I think I'm the only Andromeda.

Unbelievable and sad reality!

Have you noticed this?

1. The article was searched,

After a certain period of time, they suddenly disappear,

2. Self-confirmation reveals itself only on the website.

3. If you look at the graph of the number of unique visitors / inquiries, you'll find that it's either split in two or...

or find something significantly bent.

4. You can search in a view.

Images are missing, etc.

A few years ago, SEO 구글상위노출 didn't have to worry about the quality of the backlink associated with its website. It was a number game. There was definitely a time when quantity was more important than quality. It was to get backlinks through as many websites as possible, to make sure that those links were hyperlinks in the correct text on Google search results, and to make sure they contained clickable money anchor text. So the links are located in low-quality websites, such as directories, forums, bookmarks, and blogs that have low entry barriers and easy access to links.

But on April 24, 2012, when the penguin algorithm was updated, these SEO rules changed completely. The new penguin algorithm did not comply with the existing Google Guide. It's developed for websites with potential spam and unnatural links. At first, the updates were made every few months.

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