Traverse 중고차 88카 used car power
It's almost 2020 and now December.I'm here. It's been a week already.Time has passed. too personallyI want to spend the week meaningfully.I sent it, but time went by so fast.I don't think I could catch up.Time goes by more than when I was a student in the social life.I thought it was fast, but it […]

It's almost 2020 and now December.
I'm here. It's been a week already.
Time has passed. too personally
I want to spend the week meaningfully.
I sent it, but time went by so fast.
I don't think I could catch up.
Time goes by more than when I was a student in the social life.
I thought it was fast, but it really was.
I'm not doing anything in particular these days, and it's so boring.
I think it's my first time to be in the situation I'

I want to buy a used car.
I've had it for a long time, so I've consulted my wife.
We were looking at the car on the Internet and looking for it together.
It was a situation. The cars we were looking at.
And in the case of Chevrolet, the brand itself gives you a lot of information.
I don't know if it's because I have faith, but it's strange.
I think it was one of the brands that kept going.
He had a strong image and a sense of security.
The state is recognized as a safe brand.
I felt a lot about it.

The condition of the vehicle itself was really good.
There were so many things I wanted to see, but on the outside,
In the case of visible areas, it is generally quite significant.
It's a model that shows a desirable configuration.
I thought about it, so I actually went and saw the exterior!
The size of the car itself is equivalent to the size of the car.
It's pretty big in the car.
I feel reassured because I can feel it!
Well, the exterior color alone is quite consistent with the outside.
He's showing up, even though he's used.
The idea that there's no place that's been in old age.
I'm holding it.

The tires on the car were in excellent condition.
I was thinking about it before I left.
I think it's quite different from the image of a used car.
It's almost a new car.
It's very thorough. It'
The fact that there's no damage.
I think it's really cool.
I felt it, so it fits my code perfectly.
I think it's done.

The inside part of the bonnet shows that the consumables themselves
It was almost replaced.
It's too much to say 88카 that there's nothing to care about.
I don't think so. The parts that are shown in general.
They were all good, and I liked the configuration.
It's like this because I think it's a visible car.
As a model, I'm sure you'll find yourself in a very comfortable.
I felt like I could look around the car!

I've never seen an accident before.
We need to figure out what never happened.
After you're done, you can go inside and make up your room.
We also learned about it.
I think the overall condition of the vehicle is good.
I don't know if it's because of that, but it fits the code.
I could feel it was very big.
No matter where you look at the car, it's like this.
It's really hard to find an ideal vehicle.
I thought it was work.

Based on what you can see, it was a great car.
There was something that was ostensibly disappointing.
It's too big.
Compared to the car I used to be in,
I'm afraid it's a burden to do it.
I think it was. But that's what I'm going to do.
except for nothing on my mind
I think it's a model.

My wife has a bigger wife than a smaller one.
He said it'd be nice to watch it for a long time.~
The reason why I'm in an SUV is because, no matter how hard I look,
If I'm the only reason I'm more comfortable,
I'd rather have a car of a vague size than look.
I think this car would be good.
Everyone has a different taste, but this car has a different taste.
In the case of people who like solid images,
In general, I think it's a car that'll be good for you.
He looked great, but he was completely inside.
It's well preserved, like a new car.~
On the inside of the instrument panel, you can see the distance travelled.
I've been checking. For total mileage:
It's been 14,513 kilometers. in January 2020
Since it's a car that came out, so can I look at the latest model?

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