A hibiscus warm you a massage shop, and the car.
Today.I went to a professional massage parlor for the first time in my life.I usually got a massage at a massage shop, but this was my first time going to a massage parlor.My back is so bad.Gyeongsan Massage and Shima Massage are famous for my weak hands.It's far from my house, but I went there […]

I went to a professional massage parlor for the first time in my life.
I usually got a massage at a massage shop, but this was my first time going to a massage parlor.

My back is so bad.

Gyeongsan Massage and Shima Massage are famous for my weak hands.
It's far from my house, but I went there on purpose.

Get a pre-open discount, exercise, get free gifts, lose weight, and enjoy the sunset!
And of course, if you think about a systematic body shape correction and diet,
Come to Lux Pilates' military camp.
You'll make a choice that you really no regrets about.

The Gunja Pilates. The Rufylates.
If you're curious, you can have the quickest consultation if you have a visit.

567 Arena Sports Center B1F, Suseong-gu, 김포건마 Daegu

You can find a sign on my body at Exit 5 of Sinmae Station in Suseong-gu.

There's an underground parking lot in the building!
The parking lot is behind the building.
I got here, and I was looking for the parking lot entrance, and it's been spinning for a while.;;;

Pass Shinmae Station, go into Sungsam Hospital Alley, turn right, and go straight.
You can see the parking exit in front of you. The entrance is on the right side of the exit, so don't miss it!!
It's the easiest way to get into Sungsam Hospital.

It's good for these people!!
I'm on my way to pain management.

We've got a little bit of a schedule in progressed.
He said he had a really, really bad back.

Atmospheric conditions, we're taking care of the fresh indoor air with essential air purifiers ^^;

I can drink tea on one side.
There's coffee and green tea.
Look at that car in that kettle!
It's called balloon flower red ginseng tea. How healthy it tastes to drink ^^
I had a cold, so I was snoring, and it was nice to drink warm.

I have a national certificate of the Ministry of Health and Welfare authorized massage parlors.
It's not like a post-school massage shop.

I got treatment here.
There are two bads.

I got it myself. Don't doubt it.

It's killing me. I'll take a picture of you, so smile.
I can't laugh... It really hurt.
But you know that, right?

I knew my left leg was usually longer.
There is more difference than I thought;;;;;

I do chunna therapy, pelvic correction, etc.
When the maintenance was done, the legs were aligned... It's amazing.

Of course, it will be temporary, but it will be better if I get constant care, right?

If you sign up, give me a coupon.
You can get a 30% discount if you use it 10 times.

All the way through the massage,
Lately, I've been thinking about my husband asking me to kneel him every day because he has a shoulderache.

Recently, I felt that my shoulders and back are not good.
As expected...
Your back is really bad. I even heard that it would be good to take a picture at the hospital.;;;

I liked my body more because each individual took one-on-one care with different pain management.
I'm not feeling well!! You can go if you like.
It hurts, but it's refreshing!

The massage shop gave me a car at 24 o'clock, and they gave me a warm hibiscus. I feel relaxed and calm as I smell the warm and subtle scent. I really like the strong taste of tea. It was much better than the one sold at the cafe.

While drinking tea, I chose the care I need today, and Mapo 24 o'clock massage shop consisted of three types of programs. Course A was 80,000 won per hour for sports massage, course B was 100,000 won for Swedish massage, and course C was 140,000 won for 1 hour and 30 minutes for Swedish and emotional therapy. I chose B course, and I visited during the day and got a 10,000 won discount.^^

I was shown to the changing room to change into a maintenance suit. Unlike other shops, the lockers at the 24 o'clock massage shop had a password. I don't have to carry around the keys or lose them, so it's really comfortable. Also, the locker space was large, so it was the right size for storing luggage. The dressing room was spacious, so I could change clothes comfortably.

I came to the foot bath to get a foot bath. It's a foot bath that goes well with the atmosphere of the store. First, the Mapo Massage Manager washed my feet clean, and then took the water back and released the fragrant foot bath. What a beautiful color! It felt like my frozen feet were melting because of the winter biting wind. I felt tired and stressed at the same time, so I had a very satisfying foot bath.

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