Clean used car in 2020
How are you guys? Today is a special day.Let's start with a story about second-hand Damas.I'd like to. Now I'm off to the back of history.It's known that it's not going to be produced anymore.There are some. Which difference in practicality?known as a man too well to be able to keep up with.It's a small […]

How are you guys? Today is a special day.

Let's start with a story about second-hand Damas.

I'd like to. Now I'm off to the back of history.

It's known that it's not going to be produced anymore.

There are some. Which difference in practicality?

known as a man too well to be able to keep up with.

It's a small van. Relatively stable

There's a downside to falling, but there's a downside to it.

carrying with it in consideration

The advantages are quite noticeable.

That's why those of you who choose to use it too late.

It's been increased. up to date with him

The closer you are, the more competitive you are.

The exterior color is white. basics

It's an enemy color, and it doesn't stand out much.

It's also an easy way to choose.

It was based on the 2020 model.

The total mileage is approximately 7,000 km.

I think it's safe to say that you don't run.

You see, so with a high residual rate,

He's also promoting his excellent condition.

Not big, but narrow.

You can walk around narrow alleys.

It is famous for its species. It was very practical.

The visual wasn't glamorous, but it was easy.

It's good to ride around. a plain appearance

You'll be able to face each other with. Tires

When checked, the residual rate is also high.

Basically, 88카 he didn't run very long.

There are a lot of things that I can look forward to.

We also boast a history of no accidents. Performance check register

When I checked it out, I thought I'd look neat.

Both inside and outside are in good condition, facing each other without worry.

You can do it. Wash your car in advance

It's a shiny body, glossy.

I can point out the advantages of what's written.

Depending on how many people are available, it's quite possible.

It's going to be divided. I'm showing you this time.

In the case of Damas, rows 1 and 2 respectively.

It's an indoor space, and it's got a load on the back.

It's set up. Relatively, only in column 1

It's possible to get on board and have a rear loading box.

The load will be behind the model.

On the contrary, more people will board.

And in situations where you're going to do it, you can use two columns.

It's suitable for you. It used to be the national car of the common people.

It's a Damas used one that has been consistently chosen since.

Loadable quantities are quite large.

The properties of being fit to go anywhere make it's easy to go anywhere.

It's good for use, and it's good for delivery in side dishes and restaurants.

It's been used for a lot of purposes as well.

with the doors of the trunk that open wide upwards.

Unlike the outside, which is shaped and treated in white,

The inside is black. Used on seats and handles

The color is different from blue and gray.

It's also unified with the models. comparatively

I can show you something that's less usable.

It boasts an even condition without scratches.

Let's look around row one. Unexpectedly, there's a lot of space.

It's not that small. Especially the air conditioner.

Or maybe there's a problem with the heater.

I need to check this part carefully.

It's so well-set that you don't have to worry about it.

The filter is also kept clean.

That's why we're trying to make the most of the latest model years possible.

I think a lot of people are choosing. in him

A model that's a perfect fit.

I'd like to mention the dot again. Manual

Enemy, analog capable of setting up inside.

This is the status of the interface.

The transmission is manual. I don't think I'd be able to do anything about it.

It's a little hard to expect. by hand

Clutch operation of the installed shift lever

Again, it works well without any problems.

Suitable position, jammed shift

There's no problem getting in the way. Face it cleanly.

I'm looking forward to it. in front of

There's a small storage compartment that makes small things efficient.

You can try to keep it as. upward

a variety of things, such as air conditioners and radios.

The settings are in place, and the keys are on the left.

You can plug it in and start the engine.

The instrument cluster has a large speedometer in the center.

Fuel meter, thermometer, etc. are located on the left and right sides.

This is the setting I'm holding. If there's a warning light,

In case of a problem, the light will be lit.

Driving in an intuitive, easy-to-see structure.

When you're facing each other, you'll be able to keep the information straight

We'll be able to figure it out. Above that, it was transferred.

The trip screen looks like the owner used it.

It's arranged. Nothing on the screen

You'll be able to perform more functions.

The part I'm looking forward to is the rear camera.

It has been shown that you can try it out.

Unexpectedly, there is a lot of room available for boarding space.

It's usually distributed. Vinyl Protection

It's in place, and it's relatively stable.

It's bound to fall, but it's pretty fluffy.

The sheet is composed of a rigid feel.

The seatbelts are properly placed in each seat has its own.

The advantage of little trace being used is that it's very simple.

I can tell you that it's big. Damas Used

The door could be opened by pushing it sideways.

There's a loading dock behind us.

The black box that we used to have been installed.

That's what it looks like. Add previously without failure

You can face the options you have.

to put it off, to gain significant advantages

I think I can explain that it's there.

Anyone who needs more information about Damas?

You can refer to the banner below

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