I want to get a job at the construction that I really want with the same mind as the first time.
Maybe it's because of the difficulty of finding a job and the unstable jobs.These days, young people have a job preference.It's more like a public enterprise than a private enterprise.More and more people are preparing for civil servants.​work in a private enterprise as well as in one's 20sAfter he leaves the company, he'll turn to […]

Maybe it's because of the difficulty of finding a job and the unstable jobs.

These days, young people have a job preference.

It's more like a public enterprise than a private enterprise.

More and more people are preparing for civil servants.

work in a private enterprise as well as in one's 20s

After he leaves the company, he'll turn to public officials or public corporations.

I often saw people preparing for it.

If you listen to the stories of seniors who got jobs,

Sometimes it's hard not to get a job,

You don't get paid on time, or you don't get paid.

tired of working late at night.

It's a routine repetition, and I'm working so hard.

You know, if you work, you never know when you're going to be retired.

I said I often feel skeptical.

I've heard these stories a lot.

To prepare for large or midsize businesses,

I'd rather prepare for public corporations or civil servants.

Getting a stable job is not a good idea.

I decided that I would get better.

So, when you graduate from college,

I looked into public corporations and 꿀알바 civil servants.

Civil servants and public corporations look alike,

There were differences, but the biggest difference is,

I think it's a difference in annual salary.

No matter what district or city hall you go to,

The basic pay varies depending on the salary.

As many of you know, my salary is low.

However, public corporations are subject to public corporations, foundations, and construction.

There's a big salary gap, especially in the construction sector.

You can get a salary as much as a large company.

That's why they're similar, but they're more paid.

It would be better to prepare for a public corporation.

Thinking about it, I started preparing for a public company.

We need it among the same public corporations.

Qualifications and test procedures are slightly different.

My target is the ncs.

A letter of self-introduction, certificate and interview.

We prepared ncs at the same time as we prepared.

There are people who are unfamiliar with the public corporation ncs.

When I was preparing for a job,

I looked up this and that information.

This is the national standard of competence.

To carry out work in the industrial field

The skills, skills, posture, and more.

It's a state-organized test.

In other words, it's not just the talent that businesses want.

You can say that it was made to pick.

Communication skills, repair skills, problem-solving skills,

Self-development capabilities, occupational ethics, technical skills, etc.

It's a lot of problems that we can figure out.

It's organized, and it's in the form of paperwork.

You can't identify any personal parts.

on a comprehensive basis.

It was a good opportunity for me.

First of all, I am Seoul Transportation Corporation, Korea Railroad Corporation,

I studied with the goal of building water resources.

First, you need to get additional points.

Korean History Testing Competency Test, Computer Utilization

I've been preparing for the public corporation ncs at the same time as the first grade.

I have a lot of information about certificates.

Various academies and online lectures.

It was much easier to prepare because there were so many.

However, ncs are the ones that each company wants.

It's a test with a talent award and no answers.

It's hard to prepare for your own education.

I felt inadequate with the thought of being there.

I'm going to give you an Internet lecture that I can help you with.

I found out about Eduwill while I was looking.

Just the three companies I want to work for the state.

Not only do we have a training session for the competency standard test,

Customized lectures by each public corporation

It was good because it was optimized for acceptance.

Besides the national vocational ability standard test,

Personalized cover letters, interview lectures, etc.

Not just to prepare for the exam, but to prepare for the passing.

It's organized so that I can prepare for public corporations like myself.

It's a must for first-time test takers.

Because it could be called a lecture.

You don't have to hesitate to sign up for classes.

I started studying public corporation ncs right away.

At first, unlike studying for a certificate,

There's a lot of interesting things, a lot of things that I want.

I can hear the story of a company.

It wasn't boring, but I just wanted to get to one place.

It's not about preparing. It's about getting ready.

It's confusing because I'm targeting it.

I've lost a lot of time.

ncs preparation is important, but i pass the document

To do something like a certificate or a letter of self-introduction,

The parts are important, so we do it together.

I had to prepare for it, too.

If you study like this, you'll find two rabbits.

You're gonna lose everything you try to catch.

I'm going to think about it in a systematic way.

I decided to change the way I study.

Except for the certificate time per day.

Most of the time to prepare for the public ncs.

I invested in it. For an hour or so, Professor Yoon Chang-seop's...

A cover letter, an interview lecture, which one.

We decided not to miss it and prepare it from time to time.

I took Professor Kim Chang-jin's lecture on ncs.

I liked the way the beginner was considerate of class.

Identify the type of problem you solve, infer the correct answer, and

A systematic approach to derivation.

I'm gonna teach you how to do it in your own way.

I'm learning slowly, and I'm looking at the problem.

I've always been struggling with it.

It was getting easier and easier.

Today, we're in line with the latest trends.

You're learning theory over and over again.

We're doing our best to the basics.

It's a new type of problem, and it's embarrassing.

It's hard to figure it out and solve it quickly.

Because it's important, we're going to take this situation into consideration.

Unveiling new types to prevent

I'm also practicing getting used to it.

I have a goal of studying three places.

Make sure each company makes its differences clear.

I need to get this straight.

Divide by day so that you don't get confused.

I'm studying for each company.

Monday and Tuesday, Korea Water Resources Corporation.

Wednesday and Thursday, Korea Electric Power Corp.

Friday, Saturday, Seoul Transportation Corporation

We're going to make a distinction like this is how it's done.

And on Sunday, I'm going to take notes by company.

One more time, important features and strategies.

I'm going to organize what I'm struggling with.

I'm reviewing it and sending it.

Personally, the repair area was difficult for me.

I've been giving up on math for a long time.

I've been living, so I didn't even have the basics.

So compared to other test takers,

It was more burdensome, but the public corporation ncs did not take the CSAT,

It's not like a math competition.

Most of the time, the basic requirements were required.

So I didn't give up on your lectures.

I'm learning one by one as I listen to it.

Mathematics is not usually about understanding, but about memorizing officially.

What types of critical issues require?

The key point is to understand the formula.

So I'm trying to figure out what's going on.

Create a separate repair area note for the previous question.

Come out or you're important.

I wrote down the expressions separately.

And during breaks and meals,

I'm checking in my spare time.

Now, most of the lectures are more than three times reading.

I'm listening and organizing, so I'm going to review.

I'm focusing on solving the problem.

The latest online available in online classes

I'll take the mock test on time.

I'm practicing fast solving.

Of course, there is a lack of accuracy.

I'm reviewing the parts again.

We haven't got a job opening for a public company yet.

I have time to spare. So far.

as lazy as one has studied

Always concentrate with the same mind as in the beginning.

I want to get a job in the construction that I really want.

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