I can work until I want to.
As a side job I do at home,what one doesHigh-margin CPA marketingIt's my blog posting part time job.AndThere's no home part-time job without the initial cost!How much does it cost?an easy condition for anyone to get a full refundAnd I'll find out the profit structure!I'm doing it.The kind of blog posting bar ismanuscript preparation Alba […]

As a side job I do at home,

what one does

High-margin CPA marketing

It's my blog posting part time job.


There's no home part-time job without the initial cost!

How much does it cost?

an easy condition for anyone to get a full refund

And I'll find out the profit structure!

I'm doing it.

The kind of blog posting bar is

manuscript preparation Alba and CPA marketing

Two things.

The manuscript preparation part-time is

They charge 6,000 won per manuscript fee.

I can make a profit right from the first month.

I told you in my previous posting.

Today, we're going to have a very high-yielding day.

Let me talk about CPA marketing.

What is CPA Marketing?

I'm writing information about the partners.

Encourage consulting with affiliates

Leave a link behind.

A searcher who wants to know 마사지구인 more information

Click on the link.

If you leave a consultation,

You're going to get a commission.

Consulting with searchers and businesses

about what's been done.

regardless of success

Fees of 10,000 won to 100,000 won per consultation

We call it CPA marketing.

I need to write the information I need.

If you have any questions while you're reading,

You want to know more, don't you?

The partnership with the CPA marketer

by providing you with information.

Enjoy steady advertising effect

The marketers are the ones that are offered for life.

under the wing of an affiliate

It's a structure where you get a commission.

free of initial costs

I don't have an Internet job!

I'm a manuscript writer at first.

Like blog posts.

I wanted to work at home.

There are many companies on the Internet.

I've been talking to him.

Even places that don't cost you money.

I'm going to talk to you about all the initial costs.

I think it's happening.

Now that I've done this,

That's why it's going to cost you an initial fee.

I understand.

First blog post.

Until we get started,

I like this system.

I didn't.

Well, I don't know the structure.

It's also because I just thought about it's simple.

Writing blog posts is not a good idea.

You write and you give it to me.

I thought it was a simple thing to do.

There's a set of rules for this.

You learn those rules.

The people who created this framework.

in good stead of one's efforts

I think I'm paying for it at first.

What I mean is,

To do something new,

You have to learn first, right?

The company that gives you the job of blog posting.

You know, I've made it quick to make a profitable.

Video lectures and know-how.

At first, they let me know at no cost.

easy to think of and stop in the middle

They say things happened all the time.

The time and resources you've given me.


That's why I want to spend my tuition fees.

He said he got it.

After you've started working for some time,

refunding tuition fees

It's a system.

It's not a refund, it's a benefit.

Even companies that don't have a refund system.

I saw it.

Full refund of tuition excluding tax?

Among many companies, I've noticed

Most of the time, tuition fees are...

Compared to other companies, which cost about two to three million won.

at 1.65 million won, the cheapest

It was a place.

I don't even know where to put it.

It was expensive, but it was the cheapest.

Above all.

Full refund of tuition excluding tax amount

I chose it because of the system.

I'm trying to make money.

I'm in a situation where I have to go in.

No wonder I was hesitant.

It's not a small amount of money.

I felt so much pressure.

But I'm still getting older.

in the long run

I don't have any special talent or talent.

I can make money by writing.

on the side of one's home

Blog posting Alba

I thought it was the best fit.

People around me talk about it.

every time one hears

a side job at home

There are a lot of people who do it.

Blog posting Alba

It's something that makes money for.

I've been thinking about it again and again.~

Why did you like this company?

1. Full refund system for tuition fees

My article tells me that the process of counseling

45 cases, excluding 10% tax.

The rest of the tuition fee is refunded in full.

It's easy for anyone to get it.

You can refund everything.

2. Continuous management, 1:1 feedback

And when you start working,

You can communicate with the instructor at any time.

I was invited to the group chat room.

Once you've published your article,

Voice files, text messages, phone calls, etc. through personal talk.

Continuous 1:1 feedback

You can get it in real time.

3. With other trustworthy companies.

Differentiated systems

Other companies are

outside marketing lectures

Compared to just an in-house instructor,

This company is...

The instructor established his own company.

It's a company that resides in the company.

It's the only one in Korea.

So I'm going to tell you about all the changing logic.

Real-time feedback is possible.

The advantages of CPA marketing are

The advantages of CPA are:

It's a potential value.

I'm constantly writing every single day.

And as the writing builds up,

I've written a certain article that's profitable.

It's a structure that could happen!

The reason I said it was a potential value is because,

In one article I published,

There could be a single consultation.

The number of consultations that will take place

There's also one.

Of course,

There are some articles that don't allowances.

So there's a high-yielding question.

It's a rescue!

For example

The commission fee is 10,000 won.

If it happened twice a day for a month.

10,000 won post × 2 cases a day = 20,000 won

20,000 won × a month (30 days)

= 600,000원

revenue from

I've got a 20,000 won commission.

If it happened twice a day for a month.

20,000 won. x 2 cases a day. = 40,000 won.

40,000 won × Monthly (30 days)


Revenue from is generated.

50,000 won worth of writing x 1 case a day = 50,000 won

50,000 won × a month (30 days)

= 1,500,000원

There is a commission like this.

I've written a fee of 10,000 won,

I'm going to write a 20,000 won commission.

If the number of consultations occurred every day,

10,000 won post × 2 cases a day = 20,000 won

20,000 won × a month (30 days)

= 600,000원


20,000 won. x 2 cases a day. = 40,000 won.

40,000 won × Monthly (30 days)


1.8 million a month.

It makes a profit.

For me, it's one day.

6 times a day in the 10,000 won commission post,

Two times in the 20,000 won commission post.

Number one in the 50,000 won commission post.

There's been a call coming up.

Only one day posts.

There was a time when 150,000 won was incurred.

I'm not going to write anything else.

If you write it every day,

written by me

In an article that is a fee of a day,

I don't know what the profit will be.

in constant writing

It's important to stack them up one by one.

For a month (30 days)

Every day, when you publish,

in this one article

I don't know if one consultation will take place a day.

Two consultations today and three tomorrow.

You don't know if it'll come true.

Like me, six times in a 10,000-won article.

Number of consultations

Two times in the 20,000 won post.

Number one on the 50,000 won post.

That's how many counseling sessions you've had in a day.

If it happens,

10,000 won worth of writing × health counseling = 60,000 won

20,000 won worth of writing x 2 cases counseling = 40,000 won

50,000 won worth of writing x 1 case counseling = 50,000 won


without my knowledge

In what I wrote,

Profits of 150,000 won per day alone.

It happens.

like this every day

From 10,000 won to 100,000 won.

Every day I write different commissions.

If I were to fill it out,

In which article, the commission fee is...

In case it happens.

The more I write, the more I write.

It's a money-making structure.

What to do after registering for classes

1. Viewing simple lectures on how to prepare manuscripts

You don't have experience writing like me,

Based on the computer illiterates,

as easy as nails

I have to take a lecture.

It's short in 10 minutes.

Don't gettin' bored.

Time flies.

Starting with joining the homepage.

Where should I go?

Can you see the profitability?

It's a very easy thing to do.

2. Subscribe to affiliate website

while listening to the lecture.

Subscribe to the homepage of the affiliate

I'm going to do it.

such as secondary English, academy, insurance, financial history, etc.

There are items from companies.

These items range from 10,000 won to 100,000 won.

The commission is different.

Choose the item you want.

You can write.

in this partnership

I'm going to use the information you provide.

I'm going to write.

Write in Korean file. I'

By sending mail to the company

To meet the guidelines you've given.

Just write it and it's over!

Even without a blog,

It's not hard to get started!

What made me do this?

1. No retirement age, no retirement age.

It's a freelance job.

No work, no stress on people.

No retirement age, no retirement age.

Until I want to work.

I can do it.

It's hard to work when you get older.

It's not like spending your pocket money looking at your child.

Until I can work.

You can work at the expense of writing.

I think the side job at home is appropriate.

I thought of it~

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