It’s so nice to work under care
This year, without Corona,I think I'll be able to live.I was looking forward to it.Far from ending Corona.I didn't expect it to get worse.I didn't even dream of it.But these days, the daily number of confirmed casesI feel like I'm going down.I'm a little 꿀알바 relieved.Last year, I...The restaurant I used to work for.When they […]

This year, without Corona,

I think I'll be able to live.

I was looking forward to it.

Far from ending Corona.

I didn't expect it to get worse.

I didn't even dream of it.

But these days, the daily number of confirmed cases

I feel like I'm going down.

I'm a little 꿀알바 relieved.

Last year, I...

The restaurant I used to work for.

When they shut the door,

I'm unemployed.

I'm trying to find another job.

I don't have a job, so...

on telecommuting

I work part-time at home.

In fact, telecommuting is...

I've never done this before.

I was worried.

That's why finding a job...

I was very careful.

I've searched the Internet.

I've been asking around.

More telecommuting than I thought.

There's nothing you can do.

That's too much.

In fact, if you want a high return,

Counseling and sales.

I think you have to work.

I don't want to be a high-yield.

Free of time.

It's easy and simple.

I wanted to.

But the girl next door said,

I'm working on my writing.

It's a really good job.

They're making a lot of money.

He told me to give it a try.

It's on the computer.

It's not difficult.

in Korean or notepad.

All you have to do is write.

Even beginners don't have no problem.

So I'm going to go get the site.

I searched it, I looked it up, I looked it up.

There's already a lot of people.

He was doing it.

Companies are also authorized by the Office of Education.

It's a safe place.

Work support is guaranteed.

stably and steadily

I could work.

It looks better than I thought.

Doing part-time work at home.

I think it's pretty good.

I'm starting.

What I do at home as a part-timer is...

It's about writing.

I'm writing a blog.

But you're not going to be able to write yourself.

It's not about building.

After you receive the text,

Look at the sequence of words or writings.

You can change it little by little.

I'm not very good at writing.

He's not fast at typing.

I'll do this at my own pace.

You can write.

It wasn't that hard.

Where you work,

Business hours, workload

Everything is up to me.

You can decide and work.

So I was at home.

I do housework in my spare time.

I'm working.

That's a month.

If you keep working,

The monthly cost of living is...

You can earn it.

in writing units

It's a commission.

The amount you have to spend a day.

It's not fixed.

As much as I want to work.

As much as I need.

We can decide what to do.

As much as I work,

You can earn it.


I can make a profit.

What I'm working for.

It's all money.

I don't need anyone to tell me to.

I've been working really hard.

Where you work at home.

It's easy for beginners.

I want you to adjust to your work.

I can get an education.

It's online training.

You can listen to it comfortably at home.

The lecture wasn't that long.

It's not a burden at all.

The instructors are so...

He explains it very well.

It's not that difficult.

I think I followed the class easily.

Starting with creating a title

Making images.

How to Follow Your Writing

Precautions for writing, etc.

One by one, meticulously.

Because you let me know.

When I got to work,

I couldn't get around much

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