I think it’s a good company, so I recommend it to you.
Hello, I think today's weather is less cold than yesterday.After the rain, I was scared to hear that the cold was coming.I'm glad it's not cold.On my way to work, I stopped by a cafe under the company building and bought a cup of lemon tea at the office.I've been drinking and working, and it's […]

Hello, I think today's weather is less cold than yesterday.

After the rain, I was scared to hear that the cold was coming.

I'm glad it's not cold.

On my way to work, I stopped by a cafe under the company building and bought a cup of lemon tea at the office.

I've been drinking and working, and it's warm inside the office, so I'm a little sleepy.

That's why I quickly ate lemon tea and brushed my teeth.

I'm on a diet these days, and I've been carrying salad, and I've been eating grass all the time.

My mouth was so bored and I felt like the nutrients weren't coming in properly.

So I decided to have a cheating day with my friend who is on a diet today.

The dinner menu is stir-fried tripe. My 88카 friend and I love it so much.

They usually eat that menu when they meet.

Thinking about eating something delicious for dinner makes me feel good. What should I do during lunch time?

I was thinking about it, and I got a recommendation from my friend for an imported used car.

I'm going to write it down. My friend went to see the car last weekend after receiving recommendations for imported used cars.

I followed him and saw what kind of car it was. The car my friend saw was Ford's Explorer.

My friend likes suv cars, so I've been getting recommendations for imported used cars around me too.

I was recommended and consulted at Jinyoung Min's used car. We're here at the company for sale.

I don't have to worry about false sales at all because I'm displaying a car.

One of the places my friend went to was recommended for an imported used car, and I was able to use that car for consultation.

I was going to get it, but when I got there, they recommended it for me, so I was wondering what it was here.

I heard that there are lots of places that recommend different cars.

But Jinyoung Min's used high school car is not like that, but he showed me the recommended imported used car.

My friend told me he felt good about the first time.

I've learned from the introduction of others that my friend knew about this business.

He said he really believed it was okay and he said he could visit.

So my friend was half-confident, and I started with online counseling, and he was in charge of it.

The dealer recommended a number of different models first, and I'd like to recommend a Ford that I liked the most.

They made a video call and confirmed the actual sale.

When I got this confirmation before I left, I felt a little different from other vendors.

I'll email you the performance records so that you can check the performance.

They were able to check it out.

When I visited the trading complex, I, my friend, my friend, my boyfriend, and I visited.

My friend's boyfriend knows how to look at cars, so I saw the sale, but for a used car, the management...

I heard it's really well-organized. I'm very interested in cars, and I can see that they're very well-managed.

I saw it.
The company here says they're doing regular inspections and cleaning.

And maybe it's because of the polishing process, but the car was very crooked and it looked great.

But the most important thing is to see if there's a problem with this vehicle.

To confirm the performance of the item, the dealer will visit the relevant factory.

They put the vehicle on the lift and checked the overall performance.

When you explained it to me, you explained it meticulously, and everything was fine.

And there were no major scratches on the exterior, no knocks or dents.

There was no part. And I've seen the tires and the wheels, and I've seen all four of them wear out.

There wasn't much, and the air pressure was set to the right level. There was a slight dent in the wheel.

You've adjusted the alignment, so there's no problem.

There was no run-in underneath the vehicle, and other parts were confirmed to be in good condition.

I came back to the trading complex. The delegate will also provide basic information on the vehicle and provide you with the vehicle register.

He issued it and showed me the year and mileage.

You can also enter the history of accidents and flooding into this vehicle by entering your vehicle number in the historical site.

You've confirmed that it's not applicable.

I came to the company after receiving recommendations for imported used cars, and I can tell that you're so good at consulting me.

My friend looked really happy.

After checking the basic information and history, I looked at the interior space, and the car is suv.

The trunk was huge. It looked like a big enough space to stay in the car park.

My friend sat in the driver's seat and checked the ride, and it was cushioned.

The sheet was not too hard and it was clean without any foreign substances between the sheets.

Also, since it's a leather seat and it's not contaminated, it's completely new and well managed.
When I started the car, I checked the functional parts of the car, and the instrument panel was very cyanic.

I could feel Ford's unique sensibility.

Also, the navigation was good to see because the screen was big, and the recognition rate was good even if you touch it.

My friend told me about the sunroof as an essential option, but this option is included in the sale.

So I checked the operation status while operating the button.

I've seen the inside, and I've heard the price of the vehicle, and I've got a system that's used for the 2014 Ford Explorer.

You checked the market price and compared the insurance premium, calculated the total amount and explained it to me.

But unlike other places, when I checked the price through the system, the credibility went up.

It's a different feeling to just explain it in words and to be identified as a systematic part.
After receiving all the explanations for the amount of money, I came out with my friend and talked to her.

It is the best company that was recommended to import used cars, so I will go there again this week.

You said it. I admit it's a great place for my friends, and I think it's a great company.

I'd like to recommend it to all of you.

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