I don’t really want a drink. Just a quick drink
I finished eating with a friend I haven't seen in a long time.Second round, at the Sharosu-gil bar Sodis pub.I'm back. Actually, where should I go?It's where I found 풀싸롱 it after wandering aimlessly.The atmosphere is better than I thought, and the taste of the food is good.It was great, and I was able to […]

I finished eating with a friend I haven't seen in a long time.

Second round, at the Sharosu-gil bar Sodis pub.

I'm back. Actually, where should I go?

It's where I found 풀싸롱 it after wandering aimlessly.

The atmosphere is better than I thought, and the taste of the food is good.

It was great, and I was able to have you ever had?

It's the place.

Starting with the way down to the entrance,

Inside the store, very hip.

It's been decorated, and I've been mesmerized for a long time.

I think I looked around. on the outside

There were a lot of them, but inside the store, everywhere.

There's a photo spot, so I'm in a hurry.

I was going down the street at the entrance.

I think I spent a lot of time.

The lights were very flashy, and on Friday evening,

I visited, and it wasn't too loud.

Talk to me because it's not too quiet.

It was a great atmosphere.

with a little bit of excitement

It's not noisy. It's disturbing.

It was just the right atmosphere.

I can hear the conversation, so I'm comfortable.

I was able to continue my position.

I've already had a full meal.

I was in a state, but when I saw it,

There were a lot of menus I wanted to eat.

The drink starts with a cocktail.

Vodka, tequila, Beverage, etc.

It was diverse, but it was reasonably priced.

I'm on your side, so I'll have a group meeting next time.

It would be nice if we all came together.

It's a Sharosu-gil bar, but early in the morning,

It seemed to be operated as a cafe.

There was coffee and beer on the menu.

I sell Americano, and I usually...

I can see my favorite flat white.

If you drink coffee in this atmosphere,

I don't know how it feels. Next time, during the day,

I thought I'd visit.

I'm going to start with a light pitch crush.

It's started. Even if you drink a lot of cocktails,

The next day, I'm not burdened, so the schedule...

I like to drink when I'm around.

And among them, Peach Crush's scents.

It's sour, so I think it suits my taste.

Upon placing the order, an employee immediately took the lead.

It was even more delicious making it for me too long.

On one side of the wall, there's a beam projector.

It was turning off. A little bit of emotion.

He's so important. Like me.

He likes unique and exotic places.

I think they'll be satisfied.

I've been to a place without a plan.

The atmosphere is good and the taste is good.

It made me feel better as well.

One of the cocktails you drink at the cocktail bar.

I'd prefer to be next to Peach Crush.

Black Russian. Black Russian.

Anywhere at a reasonable price range.

A clean taste that won't fail.

I think I have a strong point.

There were a lot of places with weak alcohol scents.

It was good because it has a strong scent and taste.

Sometimes a cocktail of mojito's worth of...

I want to drink it, and some days it tastes like alcohol.

I'd like to drink a lot of it on this day.

It was the latter day. with long hesitation

I ordered it, but it was perfect for my taste.

My friend doesn't know cocktails, so I told the staff,

I chose the recommended liquor.

He complimented me for the smell.

The bulgogi pizza at the Sharosu-gil bar.

It's set up. I said earlier.Seafi

I've already had enough.

I was full, but I actually had a cocktail.

It's a little salty, but...

I kind of crave greasy.

Pizza comes with hot sauce.

It's okay.

It just came out of the oven and spread out.

Delicious smell and appetizing

His figure was really artistic.

It's full of cheese and toppings.

Showing off his overflowing visuals.

There was one between the dough and the cheese layer.

Full of cooked bulgogi toppings.

It was in there.

I'm sure you'll always eat pizza.

I think it's delicious food.

Sweet and salty bulgogi,

crispy, plain dough and savory.

Even the cheese flavor went well with it.

Most of all, the dough bread part is completely out of course.

It's not tough, it's chewy.

It was crispy and delicious

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