It was good to finish it with fun because there was a mark that was buried hard.
1.0 Visit Date: November 23, 2020 (Monday) 19:05- Waiting time: I made a reservation for 19:30 and arrived earlier than I thought, but fortunately, I could sit down right away because there was a seat. (0 minutes waiting)​2.0 Restaurant Name: Le Bourgeois​3.0 Menu: Wine 12,000~ 3.1 Elevation (Surface Risotto) 16,000 3.2 Sliced end (ripe end steak) 25,000 3.3 […]

1.0 Visit Date: November 23, 2020 (Monday) 19:05

- Waiting time: I made a reservation for 19:30 and arrived earlier than I thought, but fortunately, I could sit down right away because there was a seat. (0 minutes waiting)

2.0 Restaurant Name: Le Bourgeois

3.0 Menu: Wine 12,000~

 3.1 Elevation (Surface Risotto) 16,000

 3.2 Sliced end (ripe end steak) 25,000

 3.3 Borderas La Purishima Shirah (Red Wine) 42,000

4.0 Personal Assessment: Out of 5 Stars (★★★★☆ 4.5)

 Before the 4.1 relocation, the office was close to Sinsa Station, so I used to visit the 2nd or 3rd round because there were many things to enjoy from the wine bar on Garosu-gil to whiskey. Of course, it is a good place to gather from the first round and have a meal and a drink. It's because once we go around without any worries, at least one place that suits our taste came out.

 4.2 Shall we have a glass of wine at the wine bar on Garosu-gil? No, one bottle! I made a reservation because I wanted to, and somehow, it seems like it will be the last date on Garosu-gil before there is a limit. Vaccines and treatments are well developed, so I want to get out of the Corona situation as soon as possible.

 4.3 We made a reservation at Garosu-gil Wine Bar, and we had enough time to get to the subway in time for work, so we were able to get there faster than we thought, and it was easy to find the location of the Garosu-gil, not too far from Sinsa Station. The seats were already reserved, so let's sit down and look at the menu.

 4.4 Le Bourgeois' menu was simple in one line, and there were a lot of wine lists, and I went around Garosu-gil wine bars and there were so many different wine lists that time passed to read them one by one. First of all, I'm hungry, so let's hurry up and pick out the menu.

 4.5 Let's choose the food menu of Garosu-gil wine bar since we need to fill our stomach. The name of the menu is 풀싸롱 written as the menu's representative keyword, and I had to look at the menu description in detail. We decided on the shiitake (shiitake risotto) and the end of the sirloin (ripe sirloin steak).

 At the 4.6 Garosu-gil wine bar, wine was chosen as the Bodegas La Purishima of the Shira variety of red wine. Syra is of the same breed as Shiraz, the former being called in France and the latter in Australia. The wine of the day was from Spain. Anyway, if you taste it for a short time with a short wine knowledge, it has a pretty intense grape scent, which spreads with the power of alcohol and feels a little spicier, and the feeling of weight is very good. Satisfaction

 4.7 In fact, drinking wine on an empty stomach makes me feel warm and happy. First, shiitake risotto came out. Mushrooms are covered in different kinds, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and pickles of neck mushrooms. What a mushroom party!

 4.8 I was going to go right away because I was hungry, but he put up shiitake risotto and sprinkled mushroom concentrate on top one more time, giving me a great flavor of mushrooms. The spoon, which I hesitated for a while, was eaten with a large risotto, and thanks to its savory cream sauce and mushroom concentrate, it came up on the spoon smoothly, and the large mushroom was cut in half and the scent was very good in my mouth. Satisfaction

 4.9 And the neck mushroom pickles were amazing, but the chewy, soft neck mushrooms were not too sour, so they reset my appetite without any greasy time. Once again, the scent of Wow shiitake was perfect for any meat. Satisfied!

 4.10 While I was really admiring the shiitake risotto, I was eating the gopdee fine steak at the wine bar in Garosu-gil. It's called the end of ripened, and it's cooked very red and red with medium rare, and lasagna with pumpkins and branches is also included to fill the composition!

 4.11 Let's cut the lasagna first. When I cut it, I cut it into three pieces. We have two mouths, but if you try it, there were layers of lasagna, so it tasted good to chew gently. The eggplant also had a slight scent, so it was nice to be with. Satisfaction

4.12 Let's enjoy cutting the steak after ripening it. It's slightly crispy on the outside, but it's slightly repulsive at first, but it's gently cut off when cut forward and backward, and it's well cooked on the inside, but it's good because it's well seasoned on the outside. In addition, the sauce of the wrap steak is said to be a sauce made by boiling port wine, and it was so delicious that both lasagna and steak went so well together that I scratched the sauce hard with steak, but it was good to finish it with fun. Satisfaction

5.0 Evaluation Score Details

 ★ 5: A place to visit hard.

 ★ 4.5: The neighborhood and the place you think of.

 ★ 4: The place you think of as a PLANB in your neighborhood.

 ★ 3.5: Not bad, but… It wasn't bad.

 * No more stars will be posted.

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