If you go to the aroma massage shop, you might keep thinking about it.
Hello~ It's been 2 days since the holidays ended. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired from going back to my daily life after a happy holiday. I'm really curious about how you spent your holidays. I spent time with my friends because I couldn't go down to my hometown. I didn't feel like […]

Hello~ It's been 2 days since the holidays ended. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired from going back to my daily life after a happy holiday. I'm really curious about how you spent your holidays. I spent time with my friends because I couldn't go down to my hometown. I didn't feel like I had a break because it was a holiday that I drank a lot. So tonight, I'm going to go to the salon that I got last time to relieve all of my fatigue. I'm here to introduce you to the Seocho Aroma massage shop that I went to last time!

The "Star Roma" I visited was located within 7 minutes' walk toward Jeonggeum Village at Exit 1 of Isu Station and within 1 minute's walk from Yookyung Pharmacy in Cafe Alley. I visited with a car. There are many places in Seocho that don't support parking, so I called because I was worried, but I was able to park for free so I could visit without worrying about parking.

The Aroma massage shop is open from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. It's a 100% reservation system, so if you don't make a reservation in advance, you might not be able to receive it, so if you're going to go, you should call in advance! Sometimes, your phone is turned off, but it could be a random holiday, so please refer to it.

I've been reluctant to go outside because of Corona these days. Seocho Massage Shop regularly disinfects the area. They also say that they don't make overlapping reservations to avoid overlapping routes with customers. So it was a little hard to make a reservation, but I was able to get a massage safely and comfortably.

The Seocho Aroma massage shop had a bright atmosphere overall. I visited during the day, but unlike other massage shops, it was decorated with light. There are some people who think of massage as a decadent image, but this is the opposite image, so I thought it was a 부천건마 great place for those who have such prejudice to come without any burden.

It was ready to drink tea in the corner of the shop. It was a tea called meta-chocolate, but it was blended with natural chocolate scent by roasting Mattecha. The sweet chocolate scent was really attractive. I usually drink tea, so I thought I've encountered some tea, but I was happy to meet a new tea at the aroma massage shop.

I chose the treatment I'll get at the aroma massage shop while drinking tea with a good scent. Swedish Course A. 60 Minutes > 100,000 Nights 110,000 Weeks, Romiromi Course A. 90 Minutes > 130,000 Nights 140,000 Weeks, Sweromi Course A. 90 Minutes > 150,000 Weeks, Scalp Care > 05 Million, Waxing > 250,000 (one program), and B.

She recommended a Swedish course because she doesn't get good massage. An hour seemed too short, so I paid 50,000 won and added 30 minutes separately. The Korean massage manager in Seocho will take care of everything. I was fascinated by Gunma and visited through the review, and I wanted to get care as soon as possible because everyone said I was good at it.

I was guided to the changing room to change my clothes. They prepared clothes for me to wear in advance. The texture was so smooth that it touched the skin because of the good cotton. I could wear it comfortably because it was a big enough size. The locker space was wide, so there was no shortage of padding and bags. I didn't feel any inconvenience at Seocho Aroma massage shop.
There was a fitting room and a shower room attached. Seocho massage shop has products that can take a shower and take care of your skin or hair, so I could finish it without shortage.
The shower room of the aroma massage shop is equipped with disposable and shower products so that you can take a shower cleanly.

I changed into a gown and moved to the foot bath for a foot bath. There was a sink next to the foot bath so that you could wash your hands. The aroma massage shop was decorated with every little detail. It is said that young customers in Seocho usually visit, but I thought I knew the reason.

The sofa was so soft that it was so comfortable that I could fall asleep right away. The cushion was really big. Seocho Aroma massage manager put in a fragrant foot bath. It felt like my mind was floating around because I felt drowsy even when I just put my feet in it. I was drunk on the scent of a soft foot bath, and I was drunk on warm water again, and I realized that there was nothing better than this.
After a pleasant foot bath, I went to my room and there were so many rooms at the aroma massage shop. It's a convenient place to visit anytime because it can accommodate any type of guests, including single, double, or group rooms.
First of all, she lightly stretched her whole body with dry food. I'm embarrassed by the sound of the rumbling bones ringing in the room, but I'm sure it's just as refreshing.^^ The Seocho Swadish Massage Manager was small, but he made it clear to the point where he thought he was getting this kind of strength.
I think you're looking for a lump while applying oil. As I said before, I don't get a lot of pressure, but Seocho Aroma massage manager is very good at controlling the pressure, so it doesn't hurt or feel uncomfortable.
I thought the clump wasn't loosened because the pressure wasn't strong. When I moved my body lightly, the stiffness was clearly loosened as if it had happened before. It was an official who thought that the review was not good for no reason. The Aroma massage manager is so sure!
Seocho massage shop gave me warm lemon tea and a simple snack. I was a little hungry, but the timing was really good.
The facilities are luxurious, the service is excellent, and the most important manager's skills were excellent, so I kept thinking about it. If you go to Seocho Aroma massage shop, you might think of it.

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