If you provide a picture, I will proceed with the advertisement immediately.
Hi!I think blog ads are one of the things that can't be missed these daysIt's best if you can post it yourselfIt's not easyThe case that the marketing company proceedsI think it's a lot.Where do I go with the search marketing?Some people don't know what to do, so some people don't.The cost is not enough, […]

I think blog ads are one of the things that can't be missed these days
It's best if you can post it yourself
It's not easy
The case that the marketing company proceeds
I think it's a lot.
Where do I go with the search marketing?
Some people don't know what to do, so some people don't.
The cost is not enough, so if you do not see the effect
And it's hard to say
So, I'm going to go to Naver blog
How to search and market
I'd like to tell you
The most popular blog ads are the Gunbigan

to the mode exposing the desired keyword
I'm giving you a basic 24-hour guarantee.
The higher the competitiveness, the higher the unit price
There are differences in the basic unit price between companies.
The advantage is that the keyword upper exposure is progressed
You are more likely to get inquiries through your blog.
The downside is that it only guarantees 24 hours
I can not help it if I move to another page or push it.
It is better to avoid keywords that are too competitive.
Even if it was top exposure, it would be
This is because the writing is often pushed.

Next is the blog distribution that you do a lot these days.
If you want to distribute your blog
Do we simply carry out Choi Sin-sun's distribution?
It is good to see if the accuracy distribution is proceeding.
There's a difference in the amount
where you're going to be doing the accuracy distribution
Because it has better exposure.
And if you're good at keyword coordination
it can stay in the top spot for a long time
It's a very preferred way.
It is recommended that you proceed with the keywords based on weak keywords.
That way, you can get a lot of keywords that enter page 1.

Not the upper exposure guarantee
It's not easy to see the effect right away.
The distribution has a lot of keywords
I'd like to say that you're happy to think
Sometimes, you can optimize
I want to do it
In these days, there's not much optimization
A lot of people are dying.
Optimization is difficult and we are distributing it as a quasi-optimization
If you have conducted the distribution below
Let me show you something

like this
If you tune the keywords better
it is exposed to the upper part
for a long time
the company's publicity naturally
that it can be done.
That's why
Distribution doesn't make a film distribution

And then we'll have a monthly guarantee
It will proceed on condition that the exposure is maintained for a month.
I guess the unit price is high
The higher the competitiveness, the higher the unit price.
We're not agents, we're executors
It means that search marketing costs are cheap.
it does the direct execution and it does not leave to the other place
Because I work on it myself.
That means there's no mid-margin.
That's why you can make the cost a little cheaper.

Basically, we're going to be in the top 10
Most of them want to work in the top five
Just because you're working within the top 10
It's not like you don't get to be number one.
according to keyword, it is 백링크 the part which is wrong
Please refer to it.
The most common field you're currently in
You can proceed with the car
You're doing a lot of lighting and fungus removal.
But the restrictions on publicity
All but illegal keywords, loans, bottles, and clinics are available.
If you need me, please contact me.

Advertising is possible not only for Naver but also for the next time.
Next, it is exposed in Kakao in exposure at the same time
You can also proceed with the keyword with high search for Kakao.
Naver has a high share
Most of them are Naver, but
Those who want to do the next one are giving you exposure next time
Please refer to it.
After discussing what keywords you are carrying out
If you provide keyword extraction and photos, I will proceed with the advertisement immediately.

in a difficult time like these days
You need to conduct more efficient search marketing
You can survive.
with the blog top exposure progress
I hope you can overcome the difficult times.
Just because you're at the top of the list
It's not a good thing.
Depending on how you write the manuscript
It's a lot wrong.
Please recognize it and choose it.

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