Normally, if there’s a place to put it,
The mess will definitely go away.
This is the door that goes out.It's only used by families living in it.The wide floor with bright colors adds to the neatness.​​The walls are covered with interior frames,There is a shelf console.Put a rattan chair with the wooden doors.It's quite a match.​​There's a table outside and indoors.It varies from 4 to 8 people.If you […]

This is the door that goes out.
It's only used by families living in it.
The wide floor with bright colors adds to the neatness.
The walls are covered with interior frames,
There is a shelf console.
Put a rattan chair with the wooden doors.
It's quite a match.
There's a table outside and indoors.
It varies from 4 to 8 people.
If you have a visitor, you can sit in a big size.
You can eat while looking outside.
What a picture of a palm tree.
The kitchen and living room are open-plan structures.
It's a rafter concept on the ceiling.
The harmony between the wood and the white.
It's a calm, vacation spot.
The interior of the country house is so heart-to-heart-warming.
It gives you some relaxation.
White upper arm and wood shelf.
Overall, it's a warm tone finish.
Anyone of any age can like it.
It's a cozy house.

It's also used as part of an Irish table.
I'm using it as a workstation as well as a cabinet.
On the side, there's a storage closet.
It's there. It keeps them.
In fact, we're focusing on one place.
Well, I do decorate it with all my heart.
I think one of them is the kitchen.

From the moment you design, when you grab a design,
Housewives' movements are the most important.
It's not a stuffy open mind, and it's a wide-looking…
I tend to care the most about the sense of expansion.
And if the design is perfect,
It'll be completely satisfactory, right?
After playing in the water, let's sunbathe together.
It's a place where you can enjoy.
In a house this deep in the sun,
Just being able to live would be happiness, right?
There's a shilling pan on the ceiling.
It adds to the coolness.
Doesn't the kitchen look cleaner?
It's a rich, unified color.
The aesthetics that simplicity brings.
I think I can feel it.
Cooking on such a large workstation,
It's like the whole family got together and came to the pension.
I can feel it every day.
I think it's good luck.
The bedroom window is a corner.
Light comes in all day.
Close the blinds, adjust the angle,
It blocks the light, but if you leave it open,
I'm fully under the sun.
I think it's closer to the southwest than the south.
As the afternoon approaches, the westward 스카이어닝 direction is…
It's a long day.
The next time I build a country house,
I'm trying to build it southwest.

On the wall, we'll install a cabinet under the window.
Place shelves and write them like side tables.
As long as there's a place to clean up.
It's as clean as it always is.
It has the advantage of being able to feel it.
So, I personally think that I'm going to be able to use the items
Making furniture that can be stored.
I think it's the beginning of interior design.

He's been raising his children for a long time.
How could you live without a living?
I throw away a lot of that stuff.
Normally, if there's a place to put it,
The mess will definitely go away.
There are only 3-4 colors.
White and black and wood and white.
It's better to use three to four things.
It looks the calmest and cleanest.
The more colors they are, the more colorful they become.
I'm sure everyone knows.

There's a lot to care about building a detached house.
If we have some layout in advance,
It helps a lot when designing.
Some rooms, some bathrooms, and downstairs,
I wish I had a room for something. and so on
If you have your own ideas in advance,
It's easier to feedback when drawing.
The amount of time you spend drawing during the house construction time
It can be shortened to a certain extent.

an open-and-door dressing room.
I like the floor because it's a carpet.
Of course, it's hard to manage.
It felt great stepping on the carpet barefoot.

Even the laundry room, the cabinets are very, very…
It's well-organized.
It's a damp place, so I tiled the floor.
There's a washbasin where you can simply wash your hands.
Put the glass partitions in the portable tub.
It's a decorated bathroom.
There's a lot of houses that serve both dry and school meals.
Especially, dry food is used a lot overseas.
My bathroom's a little spacious, so it's mobile.
I wanted to have a pretty bathtub.
It's different from apartments.
I think it's the benefit of rural housing.
These days, my daily life at home is getting longer.
In a house with children, it's not like an apartment.
People who prefer single-family homes,
It's increasing a lot.

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