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I was not colder today than I thought.I think the weather's pretty cool. I got a little cold last week, so I took a break from the 홈타이 massageI'm not kidding about being so stiff.I think the weather is quite good, so I eat delicious rice in Buldang-dongI went to Dujeong-dong and got a massageIt's […]

I was not colder today than I thought.
I think the weather's pretty cool. I got a little cold last week, so I took a break from the 홈타이 massage
I'm not kidding about being so stiff.
I think the weather is quite good, so I eat delicious rice in Buldang-dong
I went to Dujeong-dong and got a massage
It's a hot post I went to during the day.
Perfect healing! I've felt it right!
You've had a good day with your monthly rent
Thanks to that, I slept late and got up and went to Cheonan to meet my friend.
It's a famous place for home tie Swedish massages, so there's time before I meet a friend.
I made a reservation.
it can guide in site and the various information including the discount is the business hours etc. can be grasped easily at a glance
I was so comfortable. I was afraid I wouldn't find my way before I visited
I was looking at the map, so it was easy to find.
It's so nice to go to Dujeong-dong after a long time.
I want to get a massage, so I can get faster and feel better
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There were Doojung Park, Cheonan Subprefectural Office of Employment and Labor, and Cheonan Post Office.
I left my car and went to Toubucki to eat alcohol today.
I hate the cold because I'm cold
I think I can get through the cold because I think I will get a massage
When I arrived, I saw that the building was large
The parking facilities are well-established, so you can visit without parking stress even if you use your car.
The place I visited today is also famous for its massage,
It's the largest.
There were so many managers in a large shop of 80 pyeong.
There is a lot of Koreans in their 20s, so their beauty is also excellent.
Everything from one-person to a couple's room is perfect!
I could have done a perfect healing.
The famous place in Cheonan was on the second floor, so I went up the stairs.
I wanted to go so fast that I didn't want Elbe to wait for the time to come down.
I can't wait to feel the healing
Cheonan Gunma Sweedish Massage Shop, the largest Cheonan, was huge.
I went in and changed into my slippers and ran to the counter!
I wanted to give you a passing score for the cleanliness that I feel in the room.
The air was pleasant, and the nose seemed to clear.
Large places are really important when working on interiors
He was paying attention to that.
I've visited so many places, but I see that I care about one to ten here.
I'm sitting in the waiting room for a while, drinking tea,
I like sofa cushions and I feel so comfortable with me.
It was really nice because there was a separate storage box and the whole space was quiet.
You can explain it in the middle of the move
I was able to get the Cheonan gunman's care too easily.
Massage is important, but it is also important where and who you get it.
The atmosphere is cozy and there are many managers
The managers seemed to have better skills because the information was shared among them.
At the same price, you're good at the place and you're good at the atmosphere.
It's as dry as it is these days
When the body and mind are heavy and the stress is accumulated
If you think of healing, it's the best way to visit Cheonan and blow everything away.
The managers are a good place
I think a lot of people are visiting.
I think that many managers are also able to maintain because they are good and have many customers.
If you can stretch it alone and it does not work out
Leave your body in the hands of an expert
If you live busy in the same age these days, you will not be able to get health.
If you know one good place nearby, you can do perfect healing
Find a nearby shop through the Aquazoa homepage ~
I'll be the massage guide!
I'm sure you're very fond of recommending it to people around me.
I was informed to the first room and it was time to feel the massage skills of Cheonan Gunma in earnest ~
I told the manager about the inconvenience and got a massage.
There are a lot of men here, but couples visit a lot on dating courses.
The management room was so clean that the air was good and the smell was so comfortable!
I sat at the same desk every day and looked at the computer and I was very hard
He let me go cool.
I specialize in emotional Swedish
I love getting warmer with warm oil and getting warmer too!
He was so good at technique that he was good at controlling pressure.
I feel like I'm new.
The cold weather shrank my body and my hands and feet were cold
It is so good to have smooth blood circulation and warm body after being managed.
Weekly discounts are also underway from 1:00 to 6:00 on weekdays, so the price is good ~
I was so satisfied with the kindness, ability and service at the moment of visit.
It was a perfect healing that I felt for a long time.
I think I'll get better with a few more massages.
Obviously, the good people care, so the fingertips are different.
I feel cooler and cooler as the muscles loosen.
I was so happy to lie comfortably in a single room and be managed without having to care about others' eyes

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