It was great to spend time taking pictures while looking around the Kensington Hotel.
I've been poking around for a while, and I've been under a lot of stress.I finally took a vacation and went on a spring trip after a long time.I decided to go to Sokcho in two and a half hours from Seoul.Unlike usual, I set my goal as a mountain.​The nearest accommodation to enjoy the […]

I've been poking around for a while, and I've been under a lot of stress.
I finally took a vacation and went on a spring trip after a long time.
I decided to go to Sokcho in two and a half hours from Seoul.
Unlike usual, I set my goal as a mountain.

The nearest accommodation to enjoy the Seoraksan view is
I heard that there is.
Breakfast + Seoraksan Entrance + Welcome Drink
in an available package
At a reasonable price, at the Kensington Hotel Seorak,
It's a vivid review that I spent eating and enjoying without going far.

The hotel lobby I knew was just a check-in place.
The Kensington Hotel Seorak that I chose for my spring trip is
There were so many places to look around like the first theme hotel in Korea.

Legendary star-related exhibits on each floor
There were so many things to see.
Now that I've checked in, I have to go up to my room.
I lost track of time looking around the lobby.

In particular, there were many rare British exhibits with the concept of the British royal family.
The coroner's light stick and the piano playing by themselves are very impressive.
I can't even go abroad these days, but I came to Mt. Seorak.
It was a place where I could have an exotic experience.

This is where the scenery of Seoraksan Mountain unfolds at a glance.
This is Deluxe Twin Gwon Geumseong View.

I've been assigned to a high-rise room.
It's a clean area, so you can't see it in the city.
Even with the stars in the night sky,
It's said to be a place to see constellations.
I hope you don't fall asleep and watch it later.

The second floor is a breakfast space called The Queen.
Rooms up to 3rd and 8th floors
9th floor, Sky Lounge Abbey Road.
Check-in at 3:00 p.m. Check-out at 11:00 a.m.

Right next to the hotel, 7-Eleven convenience store until 18:00.
There's a 24-hour convenience store if you get a little more.
It's hard to walk.

You can enjoy the Seoraksan view the closest.
The Kensington Hotel has chosen a healing course with good air quality.
Well, for the fact that I can't I?
The bedding was completely clean and fluffy.
It was a day when I could sleep soundly.

There's a sofa and a table next to it.
Maybe we can have a drink later in the evening.
Of course it's different from the modern way.
The antique and cozy feeling was so attractive.

I think the bathroom was also the interior back then.
Isn't it very luxurious?
The size was just right, and the hot water came out well.
Amenity was shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, toothbrush.
There is no toothpaste, so please take it with you.
Oh! The towel didn't smell and it was clean.

I'll sort my luggage out in the accommodation.
Change into hiking clothes and highlight of spring trip!
I went to ride the Seorak cable car.
It's less than five minutes' walk.
It became an air-friendly healing course without air.

No, but.
The wind blew so hard that I couldn't even think of the day I left.
I'm not going to run.
I'm very, very upset, but I don't want to let it go.
I soothed the view of Seoraksan Mountain and the pine tree view.

I rely on cable cars for my spring trip.
My goal was to get to the top.
There were lots of places to go down there.
But it takes a lot of time to look around.
I'll give it up for now.
I walked on a healing course while looking around the mountains and trees.

I've had enough of the greatness of Mother Nature here.
I'm feeling it~
It's an experience I've never had before.
I took pictures everywhere and it was fun.

And there are quite a few places to eat!
Maybe if the whole family is planning a spring trip together,
Staying at the Kensington Hotel, walking to Mt. Seorak.
You'll be able to conquer and get access to good restaurants.
In this situation, perfect in the woods.
I think it will be a healing course!

Besides, Sokcho Central Market is only 15-20 minutes away by car.
The accessibility was great.
Oh, and there were a taxi and an empty taxi.
The hotel will also call a taxi for you.

I'm so sorry to keep doing this. I'm so sorry.
I went to see the cable car.
There was also an old cable car displayed at the entrance.
I'm afraid I'll come down with a rain check.

The time I planned was a little up,
I came back to the Kensington Hotel and looked around the outdoor garden.
There is a rabbit house, so cute guinea pigs and many rabbits are
I was busy running around.
I heard there's a feeding experience, and if you really do this with a kid,
It will be a great memory.
Also, double decker and outdoor garden, which are perfect for photo zones.
It was also in the drama "Guardian: The Goblin."
It was great to spend time taking pictures while looking 여행 around the Kensington Hotel.

At the Kensington Memorial Shop in the lobby,
British-feeling souvenirs and
At a lower price than Sokcho Tourism Market
You can also purchase specialties from Sokcho.
And with the child, air bounce, slide, etc.
There is also a Kids Lounge with lots of fun, toys, and books.
Even if I only play in the hotel all day, the day will go quickly.

We'll pack dinner at a nearby Sokcho restaurant.
I've decided to eat comfortably in the dorm!
I came in quickly before it got any better.
I thought I'd go out because there weren't many people on weekdays.
But I still have a great Kwon Geum-sung view!

When I was young, when I went to Sokcho, I went to the beach.
I've been busy drinking.
I will visit a healing course with good air like this spring trip.
It was my first time taking a relaxing and quiet rest.
I don't know why I didn't have this kind of time before.
From now on, I'll go to a place as high and blue as Mt. Seorak.
I'm going to have the green scenery filled with snow!

I have to go to breakfast early tomorrow morning.
I'm going to wash up here and finish sleeping.

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