It’s all thanks to meeting a good person.
Last year, when I gained independence near my company, I've been walking to and from work. I didn't really want to be in the car. When you live with your family, It's a life with a dog. I've always been happy. I'm afraid if you go to work, I can't leave you alone. Even if […]

Last year, when I gained independence near my company,

I've been walking to and from work.

I didn't really want to be in the car.

When you live with your family,

It's a life with a dog.

I've always been happy.

I'm afraid if you go to work,

I can't leave you alone.

Even if you want to bring my youngest,

I felt sorry for him, so it would be right to keep him at his parents' house.

Besides, my parents are also pretty like my youngest daughter.

But one day when it rains a lot,

At a place near my workplace where I tear apart the old building and do construction.

I found a stray dog.

Seeing you shiver in the cold.

I couldn't pretend I didn't know, so I brought her here.

I was just trying to protect her temporarily.

I ended up living together.

But I don't know if I've been out there for a long time.

I'm not feeling well.

I had to visit the hospital often.

So naturally, Shinhan Micah's loan dream is…

It had to happen.

Well, since we're all dogs together,

I needed a lot of cars.

Especially, I have to go to the hospital often.

My place is near my home.

It was ambiguous to use public transportation.

Especially from abandoned dogs.

If you put it in your bag,

It was so frustrating and he cried.

I think it's because I have bad memories.

So when we get to the car,

I thought it might be a little more comfortable.

I'm also using subway, bus and taxi.

I've been carrying her around a few times.

There's a limit to my physical strength.

I think it was harder because I weighed about 6kg.

But I can't afford a new car right now.

As we become independent,

I got a loan.

It's a little more relaxed.

I had no choice but to look for Shinhan Micah loans.

But this one, too, very…

Maybe he didn't know what was going on.

It wasn't as easy as I thought.

Well, first of all, I have a lot of loans.

It's hard to reach the limit.

I'll give you plenty of room, depending on your time.

Even if we're lucky to meet.

Shinhan Micah Loan Interest Rates Burden

I heard it's really big.

That's why novices don't really recognize it.

I signed a contract.

I'll look at the monthly payments later.

He said he was surprised a lot.

So, I was looking for Shinhan Micah's loan.

I've been trying to find the best places where the conditions aren't too high

But when I visit him in person,

Enough to make a consumer a debtor.

There are a lot of ridiculously expensive places.

Some of them are stores.

It doesn't include interest rates.

Tell me about the monthly payment.

There was a time when I was confused and almost deceived.

So what I realized this time was…

If you want to succeed in your Shinhan Micah loan,

First of all, the customer has to be smart.

Otherwise, the dealers are so eloquent.

There was a lot of possibility of being fooled.

But in the midst of that,

I can't believe this kind of place exists.

It feels like a miracle.

I found a well-established place for consumers.

That's where Saddanica is.

To be honest, I like the reviews.

When looking for a store for consumers,

I was the first one who recognized Saddanica.

But where I live,

It's a little far away.

I visited a nearby place first.

But even if you live far away,

There's a reason why I have to go there.

First of all, I, too.

I had a loan, so I couldn't reach the limit.

I have an installment plan in Saddanica.

Unless there is a lot of delinquency.

So that we can get enough.

He helped me out.

But when I bought a car,

If you don't want to be burdened,

The limit didn't matter.

The monthly payment was reduced due to the good interest rate.

And I have a little cash on me.

If there's anything you like,

I was going to buy half and half.

But there's been a lot of limits.

I don't care if I use the full amount.

Interest rates are good.

A little cash on hand.

It was fortunate that I could keep it as it is.

In fact, living alone,

I don't know what's gonna happen all of a sudden.

Of course, I'm saving money now.

I'm paying off my mortgage.

If you get paid, you'll be owed more than 50%.

After you spend your living expenses, uh, living expenses…

There were times when I was worried because there wasn't much left.

But thanks to Saddanica,

To the satisfaction of everything.

I was able to proceed.

Especially, I've been selling in good condition.

I could have bought it at a very low price.

The market price here is also very nice.

The dealer showed me the computer network.

I hope you'll explain.

Where only car dealers can use it.

We're gonna secure the sale at a good price.

Of course, even for the client.

So that we can provide it as it is.

He said it's something you can make an effort.

But you explained it to me.

From what you've shown me on the computer,

It's a real middle ground gain.

As if it had been skipped.

At direct prices without bubbles.

It's the same as the one you provided.

But I wasn't in a bad condition either.

It's just a thorough examination.

I thought I could ride it more safely and with more confidence.

Besides, it's not too old.

You can ride it longer than you think.

I was satisfied.

But I don't know if I'm gonna give you all the credit.

I'd like to give it to the dealer.

That's why in the first place,

When I visited the store,

I signed a contract, and now I'm on a good ride.

Because he is a person who continues to have responsibility for customers.

I was driving last week.

Please let me know how you're doing.

He told me about follow-up care once again.

You can buy a car for up to a year.

It'll cost up to two million won.

He's 폰테크 showing me around.

As long as I don't cause any trouble.

I don't think I'll use it, but it was reliable.

And I'm looking for a sale to carry my dog.

With a comfortable car that fits the purpose.

Thanks for introducing me.

Thanks to you, we have a new family of abandoned dogs.

I'm moving comfortably.

No matter how hard I think about it.

This time, on very satisfactory terms.

I think I bought a car.

I couldn't help but write a review.

I'm gonna take Boongboong and the dog.

I'm going to make more memories.

It's all thanks to meeting a good person.

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