For my tired body
Today, I want to tell you something good I'm going to tell you my savior!! ​ I've been at home for a long time I was interested in self massage High-frequency machines or calves at home, There's a foot massage machine I take great care of my health And then one day, I realized Massage […]

Today, I want to tell you something good

I'm going to tell you my savior!!

I've been at home for a long time

I was interested in self massage

High-frequency machines or calves at home,

There's a foot massage machine

I take great care of my health

And then one day, I realized

Massage with human hands

I thought I was the best

Stop by the massage shop again

I get a massage in person

And my muscles got better

I'm afraid the price is a bit too much

When the muscles get together

You can't get paid expensively every time

I work in a chair every day

I'm an office worker Bonny

Your shoulders and wrists will get tensed up quickly

It is stiff I know my hardships

My boyfriend asked me to give him a massage gel

She gave me a present

Usually, the back of the arm or shoulder

When I fell asleep

My boyfriend used to massage me hard

And I started looking at a lot of things

Because I can massage the part wide

It's better than a machine

I didn't even ask her to give me a good review

You're pretty

In fact, my boyfriend used massage gel

Before you give me a present

I was able to do it myself before

I bought a massage gel and used it

The gel that contains glycerin

Put oil scraps on your body

The doctor told me it's the same

The one I bought also

It contains glycerin

I decided to throw it away

Touch it directly

You can't use anything!!

And my skin is very sensitive

If you use a little bit of a bad product

Trouble often comes up too

Skin is swelling up right away too

And when you use the fat-soluble

It doesn't wash well

It was necessary to rub it with body wash

No matter how many times I wash you

Feeling like I'm just slipping

I was upset that it couldn't be erased…

But I'm proud of my boyfriend

You looked everywhere

They have glycerin in them

How did I know I was bad

It's a product that doesn't contain glecirin

Moisture and moisture at the same time

I gave you a water-soluble type as a gift

He just stayed up all night on the Internet

Contrast them one by one like archaeologists

Like a treasure I finally chose

It's called massage gel

It was 250ml

There's an event going on these days

I could meet at a much cheaper price

That's why he bought two

It has a lot of capacity, but you can use two

I thought I could use it for quite some time

And what my feisty boyfriend said

It's embarrassing. It's only for love gel

I heard it can be used

We're going through every single ingredient

I made the purchase in contrast

When I need a different night

I asked him to tell me.. Well…

Before you use it, put it on the back of your hand

We're going to do a test

Maybe it's because I'm receptive

It wasn't heavy oil

It feels like a moisturizing cream

It felt cool and moist

Ah! These are my tips on how to store them

(It would have been better to keep it in the refrigerator and use it.)

Her boyfriend saw it on the Internet

You were the first one to relax your shoulders

Rather than getting a massage without massage gel

I liked it because it wasn't stimulating but soft

As much as going to a massage shop and getting a massage

It's refreshing and smooth

I fell asleep snoring when I massaged your back

And in the case of legs and arms

I can massage myself

It was great

And my boyfriend gives me a massage

I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed

I think I naturally used love gel as well..

Sometimes you look at the products on the market

Massage gel or rub gel

There were a lot of products we could use together

Maybe I didn't think about vagina health

The ingredients that shouldn't go in

There's too much in it right?!

Artificial pigments, glycerin, paraben,

Petroleum compounds, triethanolamine, etc

There were various chemical ingredients

Ormes only uses natural ingredients

I heard it was made with ingredients

Whew.. I could've trusted and used more

Lactobacillus Russ, lavender the oil,

Seluro Osgum, Alantoine,

It contained snail drips

Massage gel that can be used with rub gel

It's based on women

I think it's right to be produced

If it contains glitter or pheromone flavor

I wonder if I only care about what I really see

I feel like I'm getting all worked up!

It has hundreds of thousands of glitters and a strong scent

You're going to put this in the vagina?

It was horrible just thinking about it

Olmeszel is a safe ingredient

Keep the perfect pH of 5.5

Don't naturally break the acid acid balance

He said he'll control it

And to prevent dryness on the skin

It's creating a highly moisturizing environment

When I'm not satisfied

Confidence that refund is possible also

I could see it at once

That much… I think it was outstanding.. Khm^.^

Certainly in the case of Ormes

The moisture lasts for a long time when used

If I use the right amount

You don't have to apply more

The moisture lasts a long time

And my boyfriend is fascinated

Gel isn't fat-soluble. It's water-soluble

If you wipe it with water, it won't stick

When I'm playing Zipcok these days

I think it's a must-have item

These days, I'm still at home alone

I am doing foot massage

Press it lightly on your hand to squeeze out the right amount

Press between the insteps and toes

Flip forward and lean backward

If I do it repeatedly

My feet are getting better

I was able to experience it

In the case of arms

Just apply it and apply it appropriately

He's slowly coming down and pressing down on his wrist

You get a massage at home like this

I felt so cool alone for about 30 minutes

I don't even know how time flies

Because I'm so tired these days

I couldn't sleep because I wasn't feeling well until dawn

I felt like I was 100 tons

My eyes are slowly closing 강남가인안마 at 11 o'clock now

For my tired body

For my precious time with my boyfriend

I'm going to take care of her every day

If I make a purchase after checking thoroughly

I think it will be a very satisfying massage gel!

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